John Heine

Artist's Statement

These Paintings and Drawings are my visual contribution to the world of ART about the beauty, pain and mystery of the human experience.

I always strive to create fearlessly and to filter out as much as possible influences from other artists or current trends to create work that is original, dynamic and passes the test of time. That is why some paintings will take a year or more before I consider them finished.

Someone asked me why I have so many different styles. I said, "It is because I have a lot to say and many ways to say it." Each style is determined by the initial idea. They include deep impasto paintings, non representational or totally abstract paintings, reconstruction of the human figure and dreamlike narrative paintings.

John was born in 1950 in Washington DC. He is a longtime resident of Birmingham, Alabama.

Gallery History


  • 1992 - Birmingham Frame and Art Gallery - Birmingham, Alabama
  • 1993 - Marilyn Wilson Gallery - Birmingham, Alabama
  • 1994 - Museum Services Gallery - Atlanta, Georgia
  • 1995 - Bare Hands Gallery - Birmingham, Alabama
  • 2007 - 2008, Hawthorn Gallery - Birmingham, Alabama
  • 2009 - 2013, Matt Jones Gallery - Birmingham, Alabama
  • 2013 - Atelier Gallery. Asheville, North Carolina
  • 2015 - 2016, Art Alley, Homewood, Alabama
  • 2016 - Grand Bohemian Hotel Gallery, Mountain Brook, Alabama
  • 2010 - One-man Show, Parnell Library Gallery - Montevallo, Alabama
  • 2013 - Group show, Atelier Gallery, Asheville, NC.
  • 2014 - One-man Show, Alabama School Of Fine Arts, Birmingham, Al.
  • 2015 - One-man Show, Joy Gallery, Homewood, Al.

John Heine


2152 16th Avenue South

Birmingham, Alabama 35205

United States